Our Approach

Why rally around changing campaign finance law first?   Because most Americans agree that campaign finances have gotten out of hand.  All the money pouring into campaigns has polluted the system.  Members of Congress spend more time raising money than working for us.  Restricting donations that candidates for federal office can take evens the playing field for all the candidates and takes the power of incumbency away to a large degree.  Take a look at who’s been donating in your district or state!  Click here to Follow The Money.  You will be mortified to learn how much of the money comes from out of state and out of district organizations and how little actually comes from living, breathing citizens.  These practices must end.

Who are we?

We are everyday Americans working for a living.  We pay taxes, buy healthcare, eat out once and awhile and we vote.  We want to pass on to our kids and grandkids a stronger country than the one our grandparents gave us.

Who we aren’t?  We aren’t a demographic.  In fact, we are tired of listening to talking heads and elected officials prattle on about – the poor, rich, white, black, hispanic, christian, jew, agnostic, educated, uneducated and gender groups.  Many politicians seek to divide us so that they can more easily manipulate us.   End that now!