The purpose of this Petition is to change federal campaign finance law. Money shouldn’t vote – Citizens Vote!

We’ve reached a crisis point in the life of our Republic. When asked in 1776 what form of government we were to have, Benjamin Franklin is quoted as saying, “A Republic… if we can keep it.” Since the early days of The Republic, America has risen to many challenges, foreign and domestic.  While we’ve faced these tipping points in our nation’s past and prevailed, we are in a big mess now.  We, the people, need to change how elections are financed.  Too much time is spent raising money and with lobbyists.

The crisis isn’t new. It’s developed over the last hundred years but has finally reached the tipping point. Remember what took place in the 2017 special election in Georgia’s 6th Congressional District? More than $50,000,000 dollars flooded into a campaign from organizations and donors from outside that district!  Elections these days have become more about a fundraising contest than a contest of ideas.  It’s past obscene and moved on to obnoxious. Money shouldn’t vote – citizens vote. And that is why we are asking your support for this campaign finance reform bill.

One Congresswoman introduced a house bill, HR 314, in Jan 2017 which would have allowed for the sales and marketing of health insurance across state lines. It never made it out of committee. The Congresswoman wrote privately that the reason it didn’t make it out was that ” It’s just some of the big companies who have a large market share don’t want it done”. So, apparently Congress is doing what their biggest donors want.  This is one of many examples.

We say, enough is enough. Until we return our country to a “one person – one vote” nothing else will matter. We, the people are being suffocated by the lobbyists, PACs, Associations, and other undue influences. It’s time to return to simple campaign financing laws that are easy to interpret and follow. Stand up for what is right! Action Changes Things!

Please review the proposed Bill and sign this Petition calling for Fair Campaign Financing, where the people in the district, state or America have the influence – not the Lobbyist, PAC’s, Associations and Political parties! This petition will go to all the leaders on Capitol Hill and to The White House. We need to get legislation sponsored and a bill passed while we still can.  If it takes a Constitutional Convention of the States, we must get it done!